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Tips on How to Find a Great REALTOR® who Drives Great Customer Service


Customer Interaction vs. Transaction

Great customer service drives the retail industry, and it should drive the housing industry as well. Many businesses that specialize in service strive to exceed client expectations. With the presence of the Internet and readily available social media, clients’ expectations continue to grow. As they should when purchasing a property! Buying a home is the single largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime, and on average will do so only three times. So finding a great REALTOR®will help make this an amazing experience instead of a daunting one. REALTORS®should strive to provide more of an "interaction” with a prospective buyer or seller instead of making them feel as though their purchase is simply a sales transaction.


How to Find a Great REALTOR®

Giving great customer service and nurturing the customer’s needs makes clients feel both their business and individuality are valued. So the question is, how to find a great REALTOR®? Here are some tips to consider for either buying or selling.

  • Do your ResearchCheck out the realtor.cawebsite or mobile app. This tool will help you to select a REALTOR®with a variety of search criteria. Are you looking for a particular office, or by location? For example, those living in or moving to Brampton, Ontario will want someone familiar with that community. They should know the community and be able to understand and explain market trends that specifically apply to Brampton.
  • Follow Social Media – for those who are savvy, "following” and "liking” are ways to find a great REALTOR®. A news feed page can give you examples of the properties they list and sell, and introduces you to the personality and culture of the REALTOR®office. JN Asensio is an example of such a REALTOR®, with active pages, lots of photos and more importantly testimonials and reviews of their business.
  • Check out Open Houses – It doesn’t matter if you are interested in the showcased property, but it does allow you to get a glimpse of how your home will be promoted. You also have an opportunity to see the agent or REALTOR®in their own environment! REALTORS®should be out promoting the sale of your property, not sitting behind a desk trying to do so.
  • Don’t pick the first one – do you research online first, and then meet with your selections. Your REALTOR®should be busy, but not too busy to make time for you! Don’t sign an agreement before going out and looking at a property with them. They should be working hard to build rapport and earn your trust!
  • Community involvement – how active are they in the community they work in? Having a pulse on the culture of the community lets you know as a buyer, or a seller, that the REALTOR®knows their stuff and can be trusted to sell not just your home, but the sense of a place to belong – or to find you the same to buy.

When faced with the question "how to find a great REALTOR®?” follow these tips and guidelines and you’re sure to have a successful relationship that sees you find your dream home, or sell to someone looking for the same!